Frequent questions

By acquiring a D’Mario watch, you have chosen an elaborate piece with high quality standards, and as a complement, you’ll find here recommendations on how to take care of your watch to extend its lifespan and maintain its warranty.

Where I can buy a clock D'Original Mario?

You can buy a clock D'Mario in our own stores located in the national territory or our Authorized Distributors.


How can I identify the originality of my D’Mario watch?

Buying directly on our stores o through an authorized distributor always asking for our brand’s warranty card duly completed.


How much warranty time does my D’Mario watch have?

Your watch has a TWO year warranty, starting from your purchase date.


Where can I get warranty support for my D’Mario watch?

You can take it to any of our stores where you’ll find a qualified technician that will tend to your request.

You can also go to our authorized distributors so that they can manage the warranty request with our headquarters.

Do not attempt to open the watch yourself or take it to unauthorized service centers. They will not be able to give your watch the correct treatment it requires and you will void the warranty.


How long must my watch battery last?

There isn’t an established period of time for this. Usually, the battery can last for one or two years; however, energy consumption is completely realted to the watch’s functions and current state of the machinery.

For example: A chronograph watch consumes more battery than a conventional watch. Also, if your watch requires maintenance, it’s possible that the battery will be more easily worn.


What is the warranty coverage for my watch?

Our warranty covers the watch’s movement and battery for two years, provided the product is properly used and well treated.


How often must I brinng my watch in for revision?

There isn’t a defined period of time for this revisions.

However, in order to ensure the precision of the watch, it it important that it be revised by a qualified technician at least every two years.

Keep in mind that aspects such as weather, usage and proper care by the owner are fundamental to guaranteeing your watch’s lifespan.


How can I tell if my watch is water resistant?

If your watch is water resistant, the type of resistance should be indicated on its lid.

Por example: if the lid on your watch says 3 ATM, it means that your watch is resistant to 3 atmospheres of pressure, or submersible for up to 30 meters.

Every water resistant watch is submited to lab testing, where specialized equipment is used to apply the equivalent atmospheric pressure.

However, keep in mind that the type of activities or blows sustained if the watch is submerged, can affect its resistance to water, as well the watch’s lifespan, given that the parts may be weared.


How do I take care of my watch?

It’s important to take good care of your watch, that’s why we recommend:

• Don’t expose it to prolonged magnetic fields such as refrigerators or electromagnetic devises.
• Clean the outside of the parts with a toothbrush and then use a completely dry cloth.
• Do not submit it to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
• Avoid at any cost contact with chemical products such as perfumes, solvents, detergents and other kinds of cosmetics.
• If you used your watch at sea, rinse the salt water to avoid corrosion of the parts.
• If the watch stops on its own, have it repaired by qualified technicians.
• Have preventive maintenance to ensure your watch’s lifespan.


What is the coating or PVD of my watch?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. The coating is a process that deposits microscopic particles on the products, to create a protective coat on its surface.

They are usually very thin layers (1 to 3 microns) of components free of impurities that have high levels of hardness and make the material hypoallergenic.


What is Titanium?

Titanium is a metallic element found on the Earth’s crust.

The element is present as a shiny metal, or a silvery gray or dark gray powder.

Titanium is about 50% lighter than steel but more expensive, resistant to corrosion and is hypoallergenic because its free of nickel.


How should I take care of my ceramic watch?

Ceramic is a very resistant material. However you must protect the watch of substances harder than ceramic itself and avoid hard drops against materials such as steel, concrete and others.


How to read a tachymeter?

The tachymeter is an instrumet to measure average speed on a fixed distance.

It is, in a way, a chronograph with a graded scale on the velocity dial, that can be read on kilometer per hour, based on a 1.000 meter distance.


What is the chronograph in my watch for?

The chronograph is used to measure short times, usually on sporting events.

When the chronograph is activated, the elapsed time is read through a central part in the chronograph, that registers seconds and counter of 30 minutes and 12 hours.


If the store I visited doesn’t have the watch that I want, what should I do?

You can visit one of our stores or contact an authorized distributor that will gladly locate the watch you are looking for.


How do I take care of my D’Mario watch?


  • Service::
    D’Mario watches, like all micromechanic precision devices, must be checked at least every two years by a D’Mario credited agent.
  • Water resistance::
    A strong blow might make the watch lose its water resistance without you noticing. Because of this, if you plan on using your watch under water, it is essential that it be checked for water resistance at least every 12 months. If by any reason the case must be opend, ask that your D’Mario agent verifies the water resistant seals on the back glass of the case and the crown, and change them if it were necesary.
  • Quartz watches:
    Quartz movements operate on a battery. Batteries that are not lithium will remain charged from 12 to 18 months before a sudden energy loss causes the watch to stop. Some watches have an end-of-life (EOL) indicator: when the battery is about to run out, the watch’s second hand will start skipping every four seconds. When this happens, replace the battery inmediately. A spent battery within the watch may cause damage to the movement.
  • Your warranty:
    Always check and have your watch repaired by a D’Mario Agent in order to keep your warranty.
  • Preventive methods:
    Avoid extreme changes in force or temperature to ensure long duration of the quartz watches precision. Temperature: Do not submit it to sudden changes in temperature or extremes (over 60°C [140°F] or under 0°C [32°F]). Magnetic fields: do not submit it to intense magnetic fields (speakers, refirgerators or other electromagnetic appliances). Protect the movement of your watch. Remember that not only water can damage the movement of your watch; detergents and dust can cause significant damage. Make sure the case is pushed/screwed firmly. Make sure you don’t activate the hour setting crown and/or buttons while the watch is underwater.
  • Cleaning:
    What you MUST do: Use a soft paper tissue to wipe the case and crystal of your D’Mario watch. If the case and crystal are too dirty, use a soft paper tissue soaked in soap water. What you MUST NOT do: Don’t wipe the leather strap with anything other than clean water. Never use chemical products such as petroleum alcohol to clean your D’Mario watch.