• Service::
    D’Mario watches, like all micromechanic precision devices, must be checked at least every two years by a D’Mario credited agent.
  • Water resistance::
    A strong blow might make the watch lose its water resistance without you noticing. Because of this, if you plan on using your watch under water, it is essential that it be checked for water resistance at least every 12 months. If by any reason the case must be opend, ask that your D’Mario agent verifies the water resistant seals on the back glass of the case and the crown, and change them if it were necesary.
  • Quartz watches:
    Quartz movements operate on a battery. Batteries that are not lithium will remain charged from 12 to 18 months before a sudden energy loss causes the watch to stop. Some watches have an end-of-life (EOL) indicator: when the battery is about to run out, the watch’s second hand will start skipping every four seconds. When this happens, replace the battery inmediately. A spent battery within the watch may cause damage to the movement.
  • Your warranty:
    Always check and have your watch repaired by a D’Mario Agent in order to keep your warranty.
  • Preventive methods:
    Avoid extreme changes in force or temperature to ensure long duration of the quartz watches precision. Temperature: Do not submit it to sudden changes in temperature or extremes (over 60°C [140°F] or under 0°C [32°F]). Magnetic fields: do not submit it to intense magnetic fields (speakers, refirgerators or other electromagnetic appliances). Protect the movement of your watch. Remember that not only water can damage the movement of your watch; detergents and dust can cause significant damage. Make sure the case is pushed/screwed firmly. Make sure you don’t activate the hour setting crown and/or buttons while the watch is underwater.
  • Cleaning:
    What you MUST do: Use a soft paper tissue to wipe the case and crystal of your D’Mario watch. If the case and crystal are too dirty, use a soft paper tissue soaked in soap water. What you MUST NOT do: Don’t wipe the leather strap with anything other than clean water. Never use chemical products such as petroleum alcohol to clean your D’Mario watch.

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How do I take care of my D’Mario watch?